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He is best known for ralph lauren uk the helm of the world's luxury goods , but also the most understated designer fashion circles . He speaks German, French , English and Italian , a late bloomer in his private life is a mystery. His signature designs from the launch date of absolutely no discount, insists he has his own system of philosophy ,ralph lauren outlet his boss that his personality fit the core spirit of the brand .

Italian brand Bottega Veneta Since cheap ralph lauren polo its inception in 1966, is famous for exquisite handmade , creating a unique leather weaving technique called intrecciato 's . This leather weaving technique is the brand logo. At that time the brand's advertising slogan is "When your own initial sareenough when your name is enough " , pop artist Andy Warhol ? (Andy Warhol) is one of the user of the brand.

Before the interview Tomas Maier, COSMO was repeatedly told not to ask private life , and he is not willing to take pictures. That makes this 55- year-old designer is full of curiosity ralph lauren outlet, he took over the Bottega Veneta is 44 years old, over the years, this late bloomer hiding behind the helm of the brand in the end is how one person?

Forget the traditional salvage classic 2001 ,cheap ralph lauren Tomas Maier came Bottega Veneta, then the brand is in trouble . He said: " I ??want to come back the tradition of the brand , Bottega Veneta was founded in an exquisite Italian leather hand- known areas, where there are many craftsmen , they abandon good workmanship family from generation to generation , and I firmly believe that there must be some consumers appreciate the combination of excellence and innovation in the design manual . "

Tomas Maier at the helm after the first thing is cheap ralph lauren polo to design a stylish atmosphere with opposite packages , exquisite signature woven leather , two handles , no metal parts, no brand identity, no frills , this is called Cabat bag, not only become the brand's best-selling single product , has become the fashion world 's best-selling popular ITbag. Although its design DNA with the overall trend ITbag was completely different , then Bling-bling popular, many people are taking " exaggerated, shining , eye-catching " line .

For the first successful attack ,ralph lauren uk TomasMaier think is : " there are always some customers do not want to be easily seen through our customers have their own tastes , and they do not want to wear someone else's name on the body .." TomasMaier has been at the helm for 11 years. Another initiative TomasMaier is refusing ralph lauren outlet to participate in discount sales of classic products , such as the classic Cabat, each year is the price of 5500 dollars, and never stopped rising.

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